Kandinsky Craft Tree


What you will need:

  1. Large white paper
  2. Black sharpie marker
  3. Tempera different colors
  4. Construction paper for the trunk (different colors)
  5. Scissors
  6. A variety of circles already cut in 3 different sized, different patterns preferred


There are many different way you can present this activity. For kindergarteners I usually talk about the artist Kandinsky. ┬áThen I present all the materials on a table divided into areas: circles different sizes and patterns, tempera colors, white paper with “waved lines” already marked with sharpie, glue and curved trunks already cut (Kandinsky style)

Children loved painting the waves different colors and sizing the three circles making flowers for their tree.

For older children I only present primary colors asking them to make their own combination of colors for their background. I wished I had taken more pictures! This activity was fun for all and a class that was planed for 50 minutes stretched to 90 minute as they were obsessed with their trees! There was one tree that had over 20 flowers on it!



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