Water Color & Clear Glue


What you need:

  1. White large paper
  2. Water colors
  3. Cup of water
  4. Water color brushes
  5. Clear Elmer’s glue
  6. Hair dried (if you wish to finish the project on the same day)

Pick a theme, ocean, flowers, fruits, bubbles… etc. Our inspiration was geared towards animals in the ocean. Children were able to visit online and check some graphic details of these animals. Then, they have to paint this animal using clear glue instead of pencil on the white sheet. That was one of their favorite parts of the activity. We tried to deal with whatever mistake and instead of erasing, which is not really an option, they will try to fix it. Glue lines should be fine and let them stay puffy.


Once the glue is added in the shape they wanted let it dry for at least a day or use the hair drier. Add the water colors and see how these pop out on the parts where the glue was added.


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