Mirror Game – Symmetry for Little Ones

When you think of math what comes to mind? Well, in preschool , math comes in all shapes and sizes (pun intended.) In this mirror game symmetry and one-to-one correspondence is enforced and practiced in a fun and hands on way!


What you will need:

  • Lots of random things! (pairs of each item)
  • A divider (tape, string, etc.)

This activity can be done with any items (as long as there are at least two). This makes it perfect for playing in a classroom but also at home. Spoons, pencils, magnets, socks, tv remotes, crayons, paper clips, anything can be used for this mirror game. Your child will be engaging and practicing mathematical concepts and not even realize it! That’s a win for us parents and teachers!

This game is so easy to set up. Set up your divider (we used tape) and then place a basket of random items between you and the child. Pick up one item from the basket and place it on one side of the divider. Ask your preschooler to find the item that “matches”, that is the “same”, that looks “just like this”. (Just giving you a few key phrases we used during the game. Sometimes when a child doesn’t understand directions he/she just needs it said in different words and then click! they get it!) Continue with each item until the basket is empty.


I found that with some of the children in our classroom this was too easy. So I tried to step it up. I aligned all the items along one side of the divider and had them find the pairs all at once. Once they finished matching the items, I changed the set up on my side and moved all the pieces to new places. They had to now take the items that had JUST placed along the divider and move them again to sit in front of the matching pair.


I found that most kids in the classroom wanted to play again and again! They liked being challenged and were very excited when they realized they could complete the game faster and faster each time!



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