New Years Time Capsule

IMG_1052 2

A fun activity we did right before the holiday break was make a time capsule of the year 2017. We plan on opening it at the end of the school year and see what has changed.


Materials Needed:

  • Plastic Water bottle
  • Question printables
  • Label for front of bottle
  • crayons
  • glitter
  • snowflakes

IMG_1047 2

Start by having the children answer all the questions and draw any pictures. One of the things we put in the capsule was a tracing of their hand.


Above are the questions my class answered. They needed a lot of help with the writing, especially the kindergarteners. Afer they answered the questions they colored each one a different color and cut them in strips and folded them up.


In addition to tracing their hand print, they also drew a picture of themselves and their family. After the drawing was complete, they cut this page in three pieces and folded them up also.


The folded pieces were put inside the water bottle and then glitter and snowflake sequins were added. It was a little challenging to get some of the bigger pieces folded small enough to fit in the bottle but they managed with a little help from me.


Final step was to tape on the Time Capsule label and put away for next year!





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