Three cute Caterpillar Crafts for all ages

This book is an inspiring story that allows us to play along with words in playful ways. We had very sleepy caterpillars, very dancing caterpillars, very jumpy caterpillars … Crafts for every age group !



Making Caterpillar’s Hats

What you need:

  1. Construction paper: red, yellow, purple and green
  2. Glue
  3. Staples or tape to attach the band around the head of the child.

We used the same colors as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” has on the book. We read the story first and then we went in detail about the caterpillar’s face, colors and antennas. We measured their heads before completely securing the band. Children placed the yellow large circle then the green inside and on top of it. The antennas were purple and they glued them either sides.

The class put them all on and we went to the Dance studio and sat in a circle to make “Caterpillar Moves”. We will ask them what type of caterpillar they are, are you sleepy? and then we would all sleep… are you jumpy? and we would all jump.

For slightly older children we make Caterpillars using balloons.

What you need :

  1. Balloons (do not use water balloons, buy normal as these will not pop)
  2. Green paint
  3. Large white paper
  4. Red construction paper circles (already cut out)

Children tend to squeeze the balloons however when they discover how fun is to paint with them, they will just paint!

Once again we read the book and since this is an older group and they most likely know the book by heart, I pretended I forgot the story so I would say “Pop a little very hungry dinosaur came up out of the egg ” then they would laugh and enjoy the story thoroughly !

We placed the balloons on a plate and green paint on the other plate, we ask them to make their caterpillar using the balloons and the only “trick” was those green dots must be connected or touching each other.


Some of them would go all over the place, however eventually we would connect them or children would have a very good reason why they were not such as “Mine is dancing”. Once they are done children will add the red circle and eyes if you like. I avoided using red paint with balloons because that would cause madness on the paper. You may be able to do it with Elementary kids perhaps.

Lastly, we read a poem (see below) and we told children they had 2 caterpillars hiding in their bodies, we showed them their fingers and read the Caterpillar Poem together. Then we passed them on to the table, painted their 4 little fingers in green and the thumb in red. We asked them to keep them together and fingerprint them on a piece of paper.

Then we went for a “Caterpillar Hunt” we took some buckets and scoops, in Massachusetts during this time of the year you can easily find plenty of these. We did not keep them however children were able to observe them closely. We talked about what they eat and how they are looking for a cozy place to built their cocoon.

Oh what a nice day we had !

When we came back children had a clear idea of the type of collage they would make for their caterpillar’s habitat. In this kind of situation “collage” works best for them to express what they saw. We placed on the table green, brown, yellow paint (colors we saw) and tissue paper same colors, pine cones we found, sticks and small tiny rocks. Then we cut their already dried finger caterpillars and once the collage was done they placed their caterpillar on it.

Can you see it ?



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