Snowflake Math


In addition to making a cute snowflake, this craft works on several math concepts, numbers, counting, patterns…, while they create.


Materials Needed:

  • Beads in different colors
  • Pipe cleaners (cut in half)


Start by taking three of the halved pipe cleaners and twisting them together. First I twisted two together and then twisted the third around them. Now the math begins…IMG_1240

I instructed my children to use 5 beads per arm of snowflake. Next I allowed two options. Option 1, create the same pattern on each arm, i.e. AABBC.  IMG_1241

Option 2, alternate arms with two different patterns, i.e. AABBC on arms 1,3,5 and BBAAD on arms 2,4 and 6, as in the picture above.


Once they complete their math problem, bend the ends of the pipe cleaners and stick it into the whole of the last bead.



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