About Us

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Gardengate Academy provides a variety of exciting and educational courses for children and their families. The goal of our learning center is to immerse children in a fun, safe and nurturing environment by offering a variety of interactive classes including art, creative movement, dance, cooking and music.

At Gardengate we believe that children’s self esteem is base on self confidence and leadership. Our staff brings their passion exposing children to all different environments in an open, respectful environment. Our teachers will give the freedom to your child to discover his/her potential in a stimulating, fun and nurturing environment. Our classrooms are carefully prepared so that children can choose their own activities and work at their own pace.

Programs are carefully prepared for each group fostering a community for both, parents and children. Our curriculum for each class based on child’s needs and likes educating at his/her own interest level. Promote a joy for learning while fostering a fun, safe and nurturing learning environment. For us to teach each student how to be thoughtful, respectful and creative is the hallmark of Gardengate.

Gardengate Academy offers classes for children between 3 weeks and 10 years old in dance, music, art, language and theater in Natick, MA. Drop-off classes are available for children 2 years and older. For classes with infants, we invite parents or caregivers to stay and participate.

If you would like to learn more about Gardengate Academy, please contact us at
info@GardengateAcademy.com or click here our website.


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