Coloring Pumpkin Seeds

Coloring pumpkin seeds is easy!


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Ice Cream Play Dough

Children love Play Dough! however this great sensory material could turn to be boring or tedious. So add some fun by opening an ice cream shop!

Yes, make some non cook play dough: 1 cup of flour, 2 cups of salt, water. Let children add the “flavors” by adding some food coloring or watercolors. Even though water colors would not stain their hands, food colors have more choices for colors.


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Starred Apple Pie

My daughters are now at Grandma’s house, that said, they sometimes have free time and nothing to do.
During vacation time when their routine changes and children settle into the non-rush day, cooking is an activity that every child would welcome. There is so much learning in it and so much bonding. A note to remember however is to have present their age, and lower our expectations, it doesn’t have to be delicious, perfect or look as it appears on the cover magazine.

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